Infrared thermography is equipment or method, which detects infrared energy emitted from object, converts it to temperature, and displays image of temperature distribution. To be accurate, the equipment and the method should be called differently, the equipment to be called as infrared thermograph and the method to be called as infrared thermography. Recently, however, more and more public literatures show tendency not to pay attention to such appellative. We call our equipment as infrared thermography considering such generalization of the terminology.

Why Thermal Imaging

Heat is normally INVISIBLE to our naked eyes, an heated electrical connection is not visible to us till the time it burns or generates sparks
Thermal imaging is a technique in which a thermal imager is used to generate VISIBLE image of HEAT
Through thermal imaging we can identify heated electrical connections much before they fail or cause fire
Thermal imaging is also used for identifying leakage in pipes inside walls, leakage in air conditioning systems, identify insulation losses, inspect motors/ pumps
Thermal imaging helps to identify problems much before failure happens. Specially in electrical systems where we cannot touch connections, through thermal imaging we can pin-point location which is getting heated
70% of fires are caused due to overheating/ short circuiting of electrical Connections.Thermal imaging helps to identify such connections much early and hence minimize the chances of FIRE

Sample Thermal Images
Scope of Service

A thermal imaging audit is performed by a Certified thermographer from ITC Sweden and covers following locations:

  • Inspection of Main Incomer Panels
  • Inspection of Air conditioning panels
  • Inspection of DG panels
  • Inspection of Motor panels
  • Inspection of floor wise distribution panels

A colored report with analysis/ identified problems will be submitted to you, which can be considered as a formal infra safety record and can also be used by you for legal/ building safety norms purpose.

It has been proven that your insurance premium for building infrastructure can be reduced by 10% if you get thermal imaging done every quarter